Brien Keegan

Founder, Managing Director, Connector

I believe that successful Kiwi businesses can make a real difference to NZ and our communities. With an awesome wife and two kids, I look forward to an even brighter future for them and Sprout playing a part in that. I really love coming to work every day, I speak to business owners who inspire me, but I also know we can help them and make a true and lasting impact. I believe we can make a more productive and happier workplace and help individuals achieve a balance between work and life.

We are also very lucky to be able to help individuals gain work in company’s where they can also make an impact, where they are close to the founders and can gain an amazing breadth of experience.

We have an awesome team, I work alongside a group of talented humans, that care for each other and together create an environment where we all have a genuine sense of belonging. At the same time, we push ourselves to be the best that we can be and not complacent.

As a Taranaki native, I value long and trusted relationships, working hard to make a difference and looking after others. I am definitely a little (maybe a lot) awkward and am not an overly confident person.

Outside of business hours, I love spending time with our family, am doing my best to learn how to surf, enjoy a round of golf and am currently on a mission to get fit and healthy! I am an awful singer and can dance double time, out-of-time, which is apparently not what you are meant to do!  Ironically, if there was one talent I would love to have it would be to be a musician.

Fortunately, I don’t let my weaknesses get in my way, as I am naturally a positive person (apparently, I say ‘happy days’ a lot), I love connecting individuals and am motivated by seeing the success in others.  What is your why? What do you believe in? How is your past, helping shape your future?

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