Kathryn Street

Auckland City Central People Partner & Connector

Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked in both internal and agency recruitment helping all sorts of different people find their path from doctors to food runners to accountants to marketers. I’ve got experience working across high volume and strategic targeted recruitment models. I’ve had the pleasure of working in both large complex and small also complex businesses. I enjoy the autonomy and fluidity that comes naturally in a small business as well as the ability to work closely with owners to help develop and execute on their vision. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the prosperity and happiness that comes from the right talent strategy.


Like most people, I fell into recruitment. 10 years into my working career I realised I’d been allowing life to happen to me without thinking about my long term why. So I’ve made a conscious move to join a business that puts me out of my comfort zone and what I know, into what I’m passionate about and truly interested in. Looking at my future and my “where to” I knew there were things about a traditional agency recruitment model I loved and things that frustrated me. I knew that what made me happy was adding value to small and medium businesses, where the right hire or people solution can make a significant difference and impact, and that I loved learning about what people were doing and how they were changing their market. My fiance owns a couple of restaurants and I’ve watched first hand the challenges, blood, sweat, and tears that go into making your dream your reality - and the subsequent joy at growth and success of said dream.


So I chose to join Sprout because we are all about helping kiwi success stories. Our model is a bit different to a traditional recruitment model - and in fact, we’re not a recruitment agency at all, that’s only about a third of what we offer. We offer a bunch of other “people related” services that to me are integral to the ongoing success of a business. These additional services also play into a passion of mine, organisational development and psychology and I’m now studying towards a postgraduate diploma in org psych.


Outside of work, I’m a passionate foodie – I’m getting married to a chef and that’s no accident! I’m a terrible cook but the go-to person for restaurant recommendations. I love having a chat and solving the world’s problems over a dry martini and a beautiful meal. To offset the eating I run and do yoga (yes really, I know they seem totally at odds but I Googled and it is a great exercise combo). You’ll also find me running errands for and hosting at my fiance’s restaurant from time to time - in a small business everyone pitches in and learning how to “do hospo” has been tough but rewarding.


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