Kaylene Froggatt

Employee Relations Specialist, Connector

People ask what I love about HR... as cliché as it sounds, it is people.  I love ensuring the employer has a successful, engaged and high-performing workforce and I love ensuring the employee is set up to succeed and treated fairly.  I love the tricky and complex situations that occur and coming up with solutions to support both the employer and employee.  Traditional HR has evolved over the years, there are lots of fancy titles but essentially it boils down to people.


I left school not really knowing what I wanted to do... I dabbled with some study in travel and tourism, that didn't quite float my boat so decided I may as well go to Uni as that's what everyone else was doing!!  Signing up for a Bachelor of Management Studies at Waikato University, I picked HR & Marketing as they sounded 'fun'.  As luck would have it, I loved HR and my passion for working in this area started from that point.  Fast-forward to now... and squeezing in three kids, I have over 15 years experience across a range of industries.  I have worked in bigger corporate sized businesses earlier in my career however I have since found myself organically moving towards smaller businesses as for me, this is where I feel I can best add value. 


Wellbeing is really important to me; and I need to practice what I preach... having three young boys, working, being involved with school and sport (I play netball, kids play rugby and soccer), it is important to also carve out 'me' time so I am up at the crack of dawn six mornings a week either working out or running.  While some people think this is crazy and wonder how on earth I can enjoy this, it sets me up for the day and clears my head - I can take on anything!  Well as soon as I have had my morning coffee anyway!


I am super stoked to join the Sprout team, these people are an amazing bunch... all working towards doing the best they can for their clients - digging deep to find out what makes them tick and how collectively we can make them better.

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