Vanesha Din

Auckland Central Co-founder & Partner, Connector

When my dream of becoming a spy was unattainable, I fell into recruitment. It was a hard time, but it was for the best.

I was really fortunate to have had the experience of working for great managers and teams early on in my career. Developing my knowledge and building teams fuelled my interest around how different businesses work, their different structures, and different motivators behind the scenes. All of these components paired up with my super-special spy skills confirmed for me, that the real driver to any successful business was its people.

Now having the opportunity to support high growth and scaling companies to maximise productivity, attract talent and elevate Kiwi businesses and help them with retention has been hugely rewarding – not to mention really exciting. On top of this, the very best part is that I get to meet the most amazing people on a daily basis, hear their stories and play a part in helping them achieve their goals, with personal and professional.

When I joined Sprout, I thought it would be a great idea getting a puppy – I know – smart move. In hindsight was a great reminder that timing is key, and in our business timing is everything, whether it’s the right time to hire, the right time to move or the right time to grow. I love strategising with clients to figure out the perfect timings for their business so they can get maximum benefit from our services.

So now, my husband and I – and Lula – spend our weekends exploring the city, parks, and beaches. So the mistiming of getting a puppy is now the time we hold close to us outside of the office. She has taught me so much like patience, how loud I can actually raise my voice and how to de-stress quickly. When I’m not talking about my pooch I love a good book, a good beach swim and time with friends & family. 

Despite the traffic, house prices and price of coffee I love living in Auckland!


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