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Plan. Do you know where you are going?

We help create clarity amongst the directors.  Are you all on the same page around the direction of the organisation.  If we asked you what is your vision or purpose of your business, would we get the same answer from your fellow directors or your team?  

Find. Do you need to hire?  

We all know we have a productivity problem in NZ.  Are we contributing to this as business owners? Do we need to always hire on a 40 hour week basis?  Can we look at other options, temporary, contract, part-time or job share? Or do we not need to hire at all?  

And imagine the benefits of having a workforce that lives closer to where you are based?

Grow. People in your business holding you back?

We like to get to know the people inside your organisation, so we can help you with critical conversations in the growth of your business and retain your best people.  We are also very aware that those who were right for you in the start-up phase, might not be right for the next stage of your business.

Reflect, Recognise, Reset… thoughts of a first time mentee!

Last year, the idea of a mentor was presented to me.    Mentors have been something I was aware of but never thought I was in a position to need one. I pigeon holed having mentors for those at life junctures or highly successful people needing a sounding board outside their network.   Turning up to my first ‘get to know …

The only way to get over it is to get into it!

Three tips on diving back into the working year Holiday blues?  New year work anxiety? Procrastination? Low motivation?  Are any of these feeling familiar as we get back into work after the holidays?  That looming feeling...  I certainly started to feel a little anxiety in the last few days of my holiday, knowing that the vacay wa…

Chief of staff - your next hire?

Since Sprout was established in 2018 we have seen the growth of various roles into the scale-up ecosystem in New Zealand.  The emphasis largely has been on product design, management and growth.   In recent times we have noticed a new role emerging in the market, the role of ‘Chief of Staff’.   Traditionally this role has been associated with th…

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