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Keeping your company culture alive remotely

Well this sure feels like an upside-down world right now.   Being a social, outgoing person and someone who loves to share a laug…

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Say goodbye the same way you say hello.

Picture this.  Our Prime Minister has just announced that New Zealand is moving from  Level 3 up to a Level 4 alert because of COV…

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The value of values

value. plural noun: values. The moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or social groups. Collins Dictiona…

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8 signs you are working in an early stage business!

I got off my flight at Wellington airport, walked outside and noticed that most people (corporates in suits) were jumping into the…

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Fail Fast, Learn Faster

Ask any founder, business owner or entrepreneur for some advice around starting a business and nine times out of ten the term “Fai…

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Working with your mates

In the first quarter of the year you will see us focus our thinking around an area of growth that we are ourselves in at Sprout.  …

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When I grow up I want to be... happy in my job!

It's been a year at Sprout for me now and in a great way, it feels like so much longer.  Life 18 months ago was very different and…

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The "uncomfortableness" of networking

I have just returned to NZ from the SingularityUSummit in Australia, which was amazing by the way – stay tuned for a separate upda…

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Learning to learn (again)

A bit about me I don’t believe in doing things by halves. This year I’ve changed jobs, got a dog, planned a wedding, and in July …

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Aligning your business for the road ahead

I never realised how exciting the world of start-ups could be.  Huge amounts of dedication, dollars and drive are channelled into …

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Getting back to where you came from

What if Steve Hansen had to take the field in the Rugby World Cup? The Rugby World Cup is nearly upon us.  It’s got me thinking, …

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“If you don’t know where you're going, how will others help you get there?”

We regularly conduct Clarity Workshops helping businesses to gain alignment in their direction and co-creating the roadmap with th…

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