“If you don’t know where you're going, how will others help you get there?”

Posted by Angela Waddell

We regularly conduct Clarity Workshops helping businesses to gain alignment in their direction and co-creating the roadmap with the director’s to get there.

Since running these workshops, we have identified there are three key reasons business owners require a Sprout Clarity Workshop:


Founders Fatigue - knackered

These are those businesses that are well established and the business owner/founder has lost their spark.  They are stuck in the daily grind and the business momentum has slowed or has become stagnant. Think of the hamster wheel analogy.  

What inspired you to start the business in the first place?  

Why do you do what you do?  

When your business does it’s best work, what is the impact on the stakeholders you serve?  

The clarity workshop helps them get back on track.  Regain excitement and control in the direction of their business.  


Directors/owners have a different vision for the business - a crack becomes a chasm

We are all individuals and we all have different ideas and opinions.  Unsurprisingly when you come across a business with multiple directors, they have a different idea of where they want to take the business.  

However, think about those differences that seem small at a management level.  They become a chasm the further through the organisation you look.

This doesn’t always create conflict, but it can hold a business back from that next stage of growth.  

Through a Sprout Clarity Workshop, we create alignment between the directors/owners with a common goal and language for them to charge forward with.

Do I have the same vision for our business, as my business partners?  


Businesses that have never had clarity on where they are going - like building a plane in the air*

There are two types of businesses that sit in this category:

A new Start-Up that has not got to that stage of the business yet.  At Sprout we call these our Seedlings - we help pre-qualified Start-ups gain clarity at no cost. 

The second, is a business that has grown organically and never felt the need or had the time to establish a plan.  

Or due to changing markets, technology and other external factors, it can be a case of reviewing the existing vision for more mature businesses. 

There are many successful businesses that just ‘go’... is that success sustainable?

As your workforce grows, a clear strategy is important for the employees.  

The employees need to know what they are working towards, what they are helping create and what their contribution means to the business and their customers.  This is where you connect the purpose of your business, to an individual’s why. This is where you create loyalty, retention and how you help your team have a greater ‘business owner’ mindset.  


If you don’t know where you're going, how will others help you get there?  

This is fundamentally how we are different at Sprout.  We help create clarity for business owners, we understand the people capability of your existing team and aim to connect the purpose of the organisation to the ‘why’ of the individual.  

Keen to learn what a Sprout Clarity Workshop is all about? Or do you know a start-up, that could be interested in being a Sprout Seedling?  Drop me a note on angela@sproutnz.com or any of our team on kiaora@sproutnz.com 

*Thanks to Scott Douglas for this analogy!  



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