Start Up, High fives and upper cuts

Posted by Brien

After over 18 months as an idea, and over six months in turning that idea into a concept, business plan and now reality. I can honestly say that one of the most important things about a ‘start-up’ is to actually START!

Over the last six months especially as I have refined my concept, met with all sorts of people from different organisations, potential customers, suppliers etc etc… I can honestly say I have had my share of high fives and upper cuts from different people. 

High fives and upper-cuts, well what is that all about? So… some people have loved the new business idea and some people have thought it was an awful idea and everything in between. What is nice, is everyone has an opinion. Just be prepared to get knocked around the ring a bit along the way.

My advice is to pick those that you have always seen as trusted advisers when creating a new business. If they care about you they will give you honest advice and will know your character, experience and background giving them a great standing to offer support. And it is from this group of people, that I have to say a massive THANK YOU. You know who you are, but the advice has always been balanced and has set me off in better directions.

Along the way, one of my trusted advisers, mentioned to me that one of the key things to a start up, is that very thing, starting. 

I now know what they mean, until you start a new business or concept, you are not really too
sure how it is going to go. There advice for me was not getting to complex or into too much detail until you have kicked off. You can discuss your concept many times with prospective customers, it is still just a concept. 

That’s the next step for me - building customers! And learning, flexing and growing our business with a customer mindset in the coming weeks, months and year. It will be interesting to see how close the business plan I have today, is aligned to the reality 12 months down the track. 

If you have an idea and you are about to start your own business, good luck, feel free to reach out and I hope you get more high fives along the way than upper cuts.

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