The new three day week

Posted by Blair Cashin

It’s been a strange couple of weeks.. I’m starting to settle into a new routine and actually finding myself being more focussed at work. With a small family in tow and the better half working at home too we’ve had to [insert pivot, adapt, or be agile!] and it’s actually been quite fun. I’ve definitely spent heaps more time with the kids, which I’m grateful for.


I’m one of the lucky ones for sure at this stage. Work is still continuing but I’m aware that a lot of other people may not have it quite so easy.

I was speaking to Brandon Palmer last week and we were comparing notes and generally (and genuinely) enquiring after each other. Brandon said something to me that stuck:

 “We are now working three day weeks. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.  So that got me thinking. 



For me that means reflecting on the day before: What has changed? How do I need to adapt both in my personal and professional life?



This is about being focused.  Set yourself a goal for the day and nail it.  

I read that simple things like the act of making your bed will give you a sense of achievement before your day has even started. So try taking that same approach to your job.  What are you going to nail in the first hour of work? 

At Sprout we aim to speak  to at least five people that we work with everyday.  With this simple focus I have had some massively meaningful conversations.

It’s about being connected. It’s about being human. 



For me this is all about getting prepared.  What is the schedule for the kids? What will my schedule be?  Who do I need to speak to? Perhaps most importantly, what I do I need to do for myself and my family to ensure we keep in the best mental framework?  


Brandon’s three day week really resonated with me. I often worry (as a lot of us do) about stuff that is out of my control. Mark Twain is quoted as saying:

I spent a lot of time worrying about things, some of which actually happened

This is a good reminder for us at any time, but especially now.  

We really can’t control what is going to happen tomorrow; how long the lockdown will last, if business will keep going,  if my wife will continue to have a job. Adding all of this and more at the current time is adding unnecessary baggage.  

Instead, I am aiming to approach every day with a positive and optimistic mindset.  

In having a three day week mindset you:

  • Are thankful for the day that has been 

  • Present and active in the current day 

  • Positive and optimistic about tomorrow


For me it’s really that simple. It keeps me grounded. I’m loving the time with the kids (at the moment - let’s check in on that later!). I won a game of family  Monopoly yesterday that lasted four days! It's a lovely day today so I’ll take the kids to the BMX track. Tomorrow I’ll speak with some great people and weather dependent I’ll get stuck into the garden for an hour or so.  

Oh and don’t worry BK, I will also get some work done around all this!  


Which brings me to my last point.  I am open to having any conversations about the difficult decisions you’re having to make in your business at the moment.  I am seeing three themes to these conversations to date:

  1. Businesses that are well funded and are using this as a great opportunity to spend the time on attracting great new talent 

  2. Others that are not sure about the best way to keep their team engaged, motivated and productive 

  3. Business leaders that need to discuss  what they are thinking, confidential chats and the impact of the lockdown on them personally, as well as their team.  


I care about people in our community, it is part of the reason that Sprout exists.  If you think it would be helpful to talk through how you and your team are coping through this period, then don’t hesitate to reach out on 027 215 9128 or


Have fun, be safe and embrace the new three day week!



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