What's it all a-Sprout?

Posted by Brien

Sprout is a brand-new business that we are extremely proud and excited to introduce.

In a nutshell, the purpose of Sprout is to help New Zealand’s growth-minded SME business meet and exceed their goals.

Sprout looks at your talent from the inside out

We’re all about helping others be successful. To us that means helping businesses grow through not only finding, but retaining great talent. We help people thrive through finding the right organisation for them to join and stay at. And we help communities grow by ensuring that great talent and companies are able to not only live and play, but work near home.

Sprout focuses on ‘scale up’ organisations, those that have been established and may, or may not be at ‘start-up’ phase – but with a heavy growth mindset. Ordinarily, these organisation’s are past the ‘start-up’ phase and are looking to grow.

Scaling up the research

Through our research in scale up organisations, we were unable to find any that didn’t attribute their success to their people. We also found that 100% of scale ups believed a top three challenge in growth, is attracting and retaining talent.

What is really exciting is that there are a lot of clever people in New Zealand that truly believe that local businesses can make a huge difference to our nation’s prosperity. Perhaps the real architect of this dream is the late Sir Paul Callaghan. If you want to hear Paul’s views on this then I would strongly suggest watching the following YouTube clip.

We are poised at a really exciting time in our growth as a country. We have some amazing entrepreneurs who are creating world-class innovation. What’s exciting in the war for talent is that in Sir Paul’s words, “New Zealand is a place where talent wants to live”.

We therefore need to not only attract great talent, but retain it to help New Zealand grow and deliver on Sir Paul’s vision.

Our door is always open


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