Even if you’re not quite sure what your next step is, if you’re ready to move forward with your business or career contact us.

Our team has an understanding of the different stages of growth from seed, start-up, scale-up, to growth and expansion. If you would like to hear more about each stage and the challenges for the owner of the business and the team, get in touch.


0800 4 SPROUT

Head Office

Sprout’s office is located in The Hangar co-working space above Little Creatures Hobsonville. Our team is passionate about supporting Kiwi business leaders, owners, and founders to strengthen their business culture and employee engagement. Reach out for a conversation today.

C/- The Hangar Catalina Bay
Boundary Rd

Brien Keegan

Founder & Managing Director 

027 699 8509



C/- The Hangar Catalina Bay
Boundary Rd
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Founder, Managing Director

027 699 8509

Co-founder, Director of People Advisory & Design

021 244 0435

Head of Recruitment & Employer Brand

021 915 540

Chief Growth & Operations Officer

021 129 4361

Project & Operations Manager

021 946 992

People Advisory & Design Consultant

027 274 4004

Recruitment & People Partner

021 368 524

People Advisory & Design Consultant

021 162 5948

Recruitment & People Partner

021 023 14064

People Advisory & Design Consultant

021 216 7933

Recruitment & People Partner

021 2808822

Working at Sprout

We’re Sprout and we exist to help New Zealand become a more productive, prosperous and happy place for all New Zealanders.


We created Sprout for aspirational Kiwi entrepreneurs & companies because we know the top three reasons a business succeeds or fails always includes people.


We genuinely care about having an impact on people’s lives and helping them to achieve their goals. That’s true for everyone we work with and everyone that works at Sprout.

Work, live & play

We know people are more productive when they’re happy and healthy. For us this means fostering a supportive team culture and utilising a flexible approach to hours and environment. We’re open to adaptable hours and have multiple offices and remote working options.



We believe in the individuals in our team and know that with work and opportunity they will continue to grow.  Whether it’s with Sprout or beyond we want to help our Sprouties elevate their careers.


At Sprout we create space to:


Fast thinking, fast moving determination with a commitment to continuous improvement.

  • Build
  • Think
  • Be yourself
  • Mindset
  • Grit
  • Impact
  • Velocity