Ann Dane

Auckland Associate & Co-founder

It’s been an 18-year ride in corporate recruitment, both in-house and agency, focusing on temporary, contract and permanent solutions for roles varying from parking wardens and teachers to executive C-level positions. I have literally seen every role!

This has taught me a lot, not just the people side of things but also leading teams, as well as developing and implementing business models and processes. All of which has given me a real understanding of how my skillset along with some brilliant, inspiring individuals can help take a business to the next level and this is the most fulfilling part of what we do.

In 2018, I decided to take a leap and join the wonderful world of Sprout as a business owner. We wanted to break the agency mould and provide strategic solutions for growing Kiwi businesses, and as a Kiwi startup ourselves, we are walking what we’re talking in our own story!  

I love the Sprout concept of helping others flourish, whether it’s their own career growth or the success of their business. I love that we work with some pretty cool Kiwi companies, helping them identify and develop the future of their business by connecting them with the best people who align with their vision.     

My greatest job in life though, is equipping my two daughters to do life well. This extends to my passion for empowering an inner confidence in teenage girls to own their future. I’m on the Board of a charitable organisation and involved in running these workshops across the country.  

I love the islands, although having lived in Rarotonga for eight years, tend to now opt for new exotic holiday destinations, the next one to be determined…

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