Blair Cashin

Wellington Associate & Co-founder

I’m all about helping people, it’s definitely up there with the thing I love most about what I do. Yes, it’s about finding their ideal role but also helping people find their way through, what can be a big life decision.

This is true mostly for people, but it’s the same for business owners. Helping them find the right talent, the right skills to add value and contribute to the business's growth and overall success. This is where all the magic happens for me.

At Sprout, I love the fact that we deal with small and growing companies. I live and work in Wellington and want to see more companies look at different ways of employing people and be able to help give them the tools they need to further understand the people in their business, retaining them and when it’s right, the best practice of hiring.

I want this beautiful little country and city of ours to grow into a truly prosperous and productive place to live, work and play. We all deserve, in fact, have the right to have balance, purpose and happiness in our lives.

A little about me… as I mentioned I live in Wellington, went to school here and after travelling for a bit, my wife and I both agreed that Wellington is where we want our kids to grow could say that I am a true Wellingtonian! The boys are both at school, as active as you’d expect, and we have daily battles with them wanting to play Fortnite...actually, it’s a pretty cool game if I’m honest but don’t let the boys know I said that, it would just encourage them more!

I love this city of mine and I really believe that I can make a difference in what I do, both in life and work! I’ve worked for over 15 years in the recruitment sector and learned so much, met so many interesting people and businesses, I'm looking forward to truly partnering with local companies to ensure their prosperity and growth whilst helping people land their dream roles and have a great life and work balance.

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