Charlotte Lewis

Auckland Central & South People Support, Connector

I support growing Kiwi businesses to find the right people and develop a productive culture.

When I saw the opportunity to work for Sprout I was so excited, being able to support people and culture and recruitment in one role?! Awesome. I have an eclectic background and a range of interests, what I am really passionate about is people. In my role at Sprout I work with the team to help businesses empower and engage their people by giving them the tools they need to manage their people and create a productive culture. I also get to connect these business with new people that are looking for a place to use their talent and have impact. I'm happy to have the chance to interact with ambitious people everyday and help them with their journey.

I love the way that Sprout pushes beyond the traditional recruitment model and works with businesses to understand what they need before they hire. This way we don't just find the right candidate on paper but the right person for the right role, leading to better outcomes for everyone involved. I am inspired each day by the passion and drive that the Sprout team radiates. I'm now constantly learning about new and innovative Kiwi run businesses and the amazing range of opportunities in New Zealand.

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