Gaynor Topham

HR & Ops Manager, Projects, Connector

I help make Kiwi businesses (including our own) become more prosperous, productive and happy by helping the Sprout team live and breath our vision and values.

After 14 years working in recruitment I was lucky enough to take a short career break which helped me re-focus on what is important to me and push reset on my own work-life balance. Something I learnt from this is the importance of reflection and self awareness. Owning your strengths and weaknesses is empowering, and for leaders and managers it's essential. One of the things I love about Sprout is the fundamental work we do to help people gain clarity about themselves and their teams.

My motivation comes from being part of something that makes an impact. Being inspired by those I interact with every day is super important to me. I'm inspired by my Sprout colleagues, the business owners we work with, and the connections Sprout has with amazingly talented people every single day. My role at Sprout is to enable active communication, ensure clarity as a business, and support our people to drive the business forward to be the best we can be. No day is ever the same and with the way we think and strategise it never will be because we are always optimising and growing, this is what I love!

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