Wow… 2022, you were a tricky one.

Feels like we have felt the full impact of covid in our business and we know many other businesses that have been impacted. The evolution of the I word (inflation), has been replaced by the R word (we think it is ‘revitalisation’ at Sprout, we are an optimistic bunch!).

As a business owner we realise you are likely feeling a bit knackered. To help we have created a brief checklist of what is important to do for your people before you knock off for 2022.

People are individuals, check in!

Where possible, get across your whole team. A quick call, meeting, chat, thank them for their efforts and be clear with them about what you see for them in the coming year ahead.

It’s a nervous time to be a business owner, but also a nervous time to be an employee. Whether they express it or not, they are likely wondering what the next 12 months hold for them.

Create space in the New Year, schedule in your diary… today

Point two is almost a repeat of one. Create the space to check in with your team in the New Year.

How was your break? How are you feeling about 2023? What would make your year fizz from a work perspective?

Also, provide space for yourself. Set aside time in your calendar to focus on planning for the year ahead. It’s great to hit the ground running, but it’s also important to have time to think about things. As the founder, CEO, business owner you are paid for your thinking. Create space for it.

Take a break… be clear when you are not working

As a business owner it’s VERY tempting to not really take a mental break from work. To work on projects, ideas, strategy, innovation etc. etc. through the holiday period. You may have to do this, but be clear about when you are taking a break.

Your business will be better off with a refreshed version of you in the New Year.

Three tips… half for you, half for your team

You might find it interesting that our tips on ending the year from a people perspective, are equally focused on your team and you as the business owner, founder, CEO. The best thing you can provide you, your team, and your family is a rested, energised and happy version of yourself.

Bring on the year of revitalisation!

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Founder, Managing Director

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