Scaling a business presents many people challenges. 20% of startups make it past the first two years. To get past this milestone and then scale your business you need a combination of the right customers and the right people. By creating the right people foundation the first time you will save many lost hours. Our team has helped ambitious businesses across New Zealand grow and thrive, wherever you’re at with your business journey we are here to help you scale. The secret? Understanding that growing, engaging and scaling your team is fundamentally different at each stage of the organisation’s development.

We provide business owners, founders and CEOs of growth businesses, with a toolkit to grow with purpose and develop a high performing, happy and productive culture. Our services are unique to the challenges of growing your business, created in real language and have been developed working in the high growth ecosystem.

If you're planning for growth, make sure your team is ready to! Contact our team, we will help you understand the people and leadership challenges that lay ahead.

Readiness for growth

We work with you to get your business into a position for growth.

Grow your team

We help you grow with purpose through strategic team planning and recruitment.  

Engage your people 

We help you increase productivity, prosperity and retention by developing your business culture.

Scale your business 

We help you power up your people and meet the challenges of scaling through specialist training and tools for founders, owners, CEOs and leaders.

Readiness for growth

We help you bring your dream for your business to life across every single person in your business.

Grow your team

We're experts in growth businesses and our services in strategic team planning and recruitment will connect you with the people your business needs to succeed.

Engage your people

Increase productivity, prosperity and retention through culture and engagement.

Scale your business

Specialist training for owners, founders and leaders to manage the challenges of business growth and power up your people.

  • Purpose and Vision
  • Values and Competencies
  • Organisation and Environment Design
  • Recruitment
  • Specialist Connector
  • Onboarding and orientation
  • Employer branding and value proposition
  • Sprout conversations
  • Building productivity, rhythm and accountability
  • Unlock Team Dynamics
  • Talent Reviews & Career Pathways
  • CEO/Founder/owner coaching
  • Optimising your work environment
  • Emerging Leaders Programme
  • Culture & Values Facilitation

Our process

Whatever stage your business is in, we work with you to overcome your people challenges. Our solutions are based on a foundation of research, experience, and understanding of the ecosystem. We get to know you and your business, where you're at currently and where you want to be. Then we give you the tools you need to take your next steps.

1. Contact

Contact Sprout by calling us on 0800 4 SPROUT (0800 4 777688) or emailing

2. Connect

We pair you with a specialist from our team based on your challenges, business stage and location.

3. Discover

We understand your business from the inside out, where you want the business to go and then we help you bring your people with you.

Planning for growth? Contact us and we’ll help you take your next steps.

We 100% believe in the companies we work with, so we value long term relationships. When you partner with Sprout we will be ready to support you through each stage as your business grows.