Kaylene Froggatt

Employee Relations Specialist, Connector

As an Employee Relations Specialist and Connector at Sprout I support growing businesses with their people solutions, from gaining clarity to engagement and development of their people.

People ask what I love about HR, as cliché as it sounds, it is people. I love ensuring the employer has a successful, engaged and high-performing workforce and I love ensuring the employee is set up to succeed and treated fairly. I love the tricky and complex situations that occur and coming up with solutions to support both the employer and employee. Traditional HR has evolved over the years, there are lots of fancy titles but essentially it boils down to people.

A cornerstone of productivity is wellbeing, if people are happy, healthy and supported at work they are more engaged and more effective in their roles. This isn't just my opinion, it's a pattern that's emerged again and again in a range of studies across industries, cultures and countries. It's also something I've recognised in my own life, as a busy working mother of three I know carving out some 'me' time and having a flexible working schedule has had a huge impact on my wellbeing. The roll on effect of this is that I'm engaged, energetic and dedicated to helping others find the same. The best part of working with Sprout is having the opportunity to have a real impact on New Zealand businesses by helping leaders develop a positive, productive working culture.

The Sprout crew are an amazing bunch, all working towards doing the best they can for their clients - digging deep to find out what makes them tick and how collectively we can make them better. If your business is ready to grow get in touch with us today.

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